Factory - Getting Started

A Factory is a template used to generate new or open existing workspaces with a URL. Factories can be used to create replicas of existing workspaces or to automate the provisioning of statically or dynamically defined workspaces.

Factories are available with Eclipse Che and Codenvy.

Try a Factory

Clone a public workspace on codenvy.io by clicking the button below. Try a Factory

Using Factories

Factories can be invoked from a Factory URL built in multiple ways. You can replace the codenvy.io domain with the hostname of any Codenvy on-premises installation.

Using Factories on codenvy.io require the user to be authenticated. Users who are not authenticated will be presented a login screen after they click on the Factory URL. Users without an account can create one using the same dialog.

Invoke Factory using its unique hashcode

Format /f?id={hashcode}
Sample https://codenvy.io/f?id=s38eam174ji42vty

Invoke a named Factory

Format /f?user={username}&name={factoryname}
Sample https://codenvy.io/f?user=tylerjewell&name=starwars

Invoke Factory for a specific git repo

Format /f?url={git URL}
Sample http://codenvy.io/f?url=https://github.com/eclipse/che

Once the Factory is executed, it either loads an existing workspace or generates a new one, depending upon the Factory configuration. The name of the workspace is determined within the Factory configuration and its name becomes part of the URL access with the format {hostname}/{username}/{workspace}.


You have just created your first developer workspace using Factories. Read on to learn more about: - How to create factories. - Customizing factories with the Factory JSON reference. - Factory terms in the glossary.